Mark your calendars for APRIL 16TH, 2016 for next year’s Tour de Summerlin. This will mark our 15 year anniversary. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for event updates and news.  We are so appreciative to all the sponsors and participants that make this event the longest running bicycle event in Southern Nevada. We’re looking forward to partnering again with the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.

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  1. Hello,
    I enjoyed last year’s event with one exception: your map is wrong. From Washburn to Lone Mountain you show Alpine as the connecting street. When I got there, Alpine was blocked by fence, and there was a construction site on the other side. I didn’t know what to do until another rider came by and we stayed on Washburn to the the freeway. We had to use the shoulder of the freeway until we got to Lone Mountain. I know how to do this now, but first timers wont. You might consider changing the map. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, so could you make an announcement on your news page? Thanks!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Scott. We will definitely take a closer look at our maps and make sure we have them completely updated before the event. We will also add this information to the news page on our website. Thank you again for participating and we look forward to seeing you out there again this year.

    2. Hi Scott! We have received approval to take the road that cuts through the gravel pit at Alpine this year. So the fences will be open and we’ll have a passageway through. Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the late reply.

    1. Hi Maria. Unfortunately we could not find a sponsor to provide medals this year. We would have to do away with the shirts for medals and the feedback we’ve received from participants is that they really like the shirts. Many people who have ridden in many of the events over the years collect them. We’re hoping that maybe next year we can find somebody to help us with sponsoring medals. Thanks.

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