100 & 75 Mile Route Changes (as of 4.16.12)


Hello riders! Just as we do every year the week before our event, we go out and drive the routes to make sure that there are not an impending road or traffic issues. Due to ongoing construction throughout Las Vegas, you never know when new road work begins and ends. After driving the routes yesterday, […]

Red Rock Resort & Casino Joins Our Team


We are incredibly excited to announce that Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa has become one of our event sponsors this year. In addition to hosting our start & finish line on-site at the property, they will also be catering the post rider luncheon after the rides! With plenty of ample parking and one of […]

Official Tour de Summerlin Bike Jersey


You can now purchase an official Tour de Summerlin event bike jersey. What a great way to commemorate your participation in this fun and exciting event. Jersey’s are available for online purchase at McGhies.com or just click here now!

Registration Entries


There will be a limitation on the number of entries for this years event, so make sure you register early and reserve your spot. With the addition of a 100 mile distance (full century) this year’s event promises to be our best one yet. Go to our registration page and register either online or download […]

Training for a Century Ride


With the right equipment and the right preparation, the whole 100 miles is a worthy, rewarding and attainable goal. So, how do you get ready? First off, take care of the essentials. The right equipment will make or break your day. Not just for the day of the big ride, but for all the rides […]

Tour de Summerlin thanks our sponsors


We hope that you all are excited as we are for this year’s 11th annual Tour de Summerlin, which will be held on April 21, 2012. With less than a month away, all of us here at Tour de Summerlin want to give special thanks and recognition to our sponsor, Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa. In celebration […]